The reduced price for the Self-Care and/or Survival kits will soon be gone.  If you need/want it, please make sure to place an order NOW!

In 5 Days The Discount Goes Away:








Presented by: Dr. Gwen’s Counselor Cafe

Self-Care & Survival Kits

Tools to help you to take care of SELF and remain healthy physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually during COVID-19 and beyond,  Simple strategies and techniques you can easily infuse into your daily routine.

These kits are a good fit for you if:
You have suddenly become a teacher in addition to wife/husband, mother/father, employee etc. and you are overwhelmed by all of the additional responsibilities.
You are more of a visual learner and tangibles will serve as a daily reminder to take care of YOU!
You are willing, able and motivated to use strategies and tools that keep you healthy and safe during COVID-19 and beyond.
You want to take “positive actions”, during the Corona pandemic instead of getting bogged down in fear, uncertainty and doubt.
Discount Ends Wednesday, April 29th @ 12PM EST
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