Mentor & Self-Care Leader

Affirmations remind you that you are enough.


  • Support
  • Trusted Guide
  • Partnership
  • Someone Has Your Back
  • Stress Management
  • Echo Chamber

Self-Care Matters!

Daily challenges educators face include mental health issues, and behavioral concerns. Time consuming paperwork, and lack of administrative support and understanding of the role compound the stress.  Consequently, these challenges leave you feeling overwhelmed, ill-equipped, unappreciated and powerless. If you are a newbie to the field of education (1-5 years) or a veteran in need of support, a mentor can become your most valued asset.

Above all, the mentor relationship lets you know that someone always has your back. Likewise, mentors help you find your way through the maze of daily challenges. Making time for self-care is one of those challenges.

Mentors are trusted guides and advisors.  That is to say, we share ideas and experiences to eliminate being overwhelmed and wasting valuable time. Stress management is a hidden perk of having a mentor. Partnerships provide an outside perspective to complicated issues, an echo chamber with your success in mind, and a judgement free zone. I have over 20 years of experience as school counselor and a special education teacher (emotional impairments) with a great deal of success. Therefore, I will provide expertise, resources and feedback to help you be more productive and successful at this stage in your career.

  • Judgment Free Zone
  • Outside Perspective
  • Experience & Expertise

Mentors Empower

Through the signature program we offer individual and group private mentorship.

The program is customized to your needs. There are several ways Dr. Gwen would love to connect with you listed at the bottom of this page.

My primary focus is understanding what is needed to help you grow. I care enough to support and encourage your values and ambitions.  By blending professionalism and authenticity you are guided to make smarter career and life decisions. Opportunities will be created to elevate you above your challenges. For instance, I will taking an active part in your personal and professional development as a teacher or counselor. As a result, you will gain competence and confidence in your role responsibilities. I’ve been where your are, worn the same shoes and have traveled a similar path.

Let’s Talk


Some of the best mentoring relationships are built on authenticity, sharing experiences and strong personal bonds that form when two people share the same space. 


The benefit of connecting online is that you are not restricted to a mentor in your social or professional circle.  Online meetings provide the opportunity to make a connection with someone who has a background very different than yours.  It is nice to have a fresh outsider perspective.  


Group mentoring is a great way to connect with others personally and profession.  It promotes diversity, channels the flow of idea sharing and builds a network of support.  It also fosters collaboration over competition.  


Mentoring is not a one size fits all concept. If you are not the most tech savvy, have trouble expressing yourself in writing and face-to-face meetings is not an option, the telephone is still a viable communication tool.  Active listening is an important skill if this is your chosen method of communication.  

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