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Are you overwhelmed, and feel like you are muddling through the successful execution of your role?

Does the rise in mental health cases, lack of support, increasing role responsibilities and paperwork weigh you down?

Unfortunately too many of us struggle privately for far too long and end up unmotivated or burnout.  Trust me, you are not the only one struggling. 

Asking for help is a healthy natural response.  However, it takes courage to put yourself in a vulnerable position and reveal your concerns.  No worries, Dr. Gwen is here to help you work through daily challenges faced by educators and helping professionals.  We will uncover solutions to alleviate the causes of you being overwhelmed.

Together we will elevate personally and professionally!

Experience & Expertise

My primary focus is helping you achieve personal, professional and organizational results through the application of specific experiences and expertise. I’ll help keep you informed of new trends and developments in the field. You’ll be armed with a trustworthy confidant experienced in reading between the lines of organizational policy and politics. I’ll advise you on the best course of action to reach desired goals.

Together we can achieve desired outcomes!

Educational Consultant

Benefits of Consultation

Solve Problems

The first step is helping you clarify your problems.  Next we will discover and apply our combined wisdom to find solutions. Problem solving involves assisting you with what to do and explaining how and why it’s done so that you can independently solve problems in the future.

Highly Confidential

Consultation services are highly confidential and professional.  They are delivered in a carefully designed facilitative and collaborative manner in order to accomplish specific goals.


Constructive Feedback

Feedback is an essential component of consultation. By engaging and challenging your progression in a constructive way (information specific, issue-focused and based on observations). I’ll provide guidance on expectations and outcomes. Feedback will help define where you are and determine next steps to achieving identified goals.

Emotional Support

It’s common to become emotional when you’re overwhelmed by daily workplace challenges that can become toxic. Raw emotions such as anger, fear, frustration and worry may be hindering your success. I will use a common-sense approach to help you define the problem (awareness), acknowledge the problem (acceptance) and develop a plan to resolve the problem (action).

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