Dr. Gwen’s Counselor CAFE (Connect, Ask Questions, Find Resources, Elevate) helps the helpers (educators and entrepreneurs) who feel isolated, undervalued, overwhelmed, and ill-equipped find practical self-care solutions.

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Gwendolyn A. Martin



Dr. Gwen’s Counselor Cafe is all about helping the helpers (educators and entreprenuers intentionally cultivate self-care routines to reduce stress and live life more abundantly.  At the cafe, the focus is on helping you live up to your value promise, apply those values into daily practice, and create a work/life balance that is sustainable. We want you to embrace the job you love and serve up success daily by meeting the needs of students/clients, school, and community.

We value

  • Passion and commitment to educators’ well-being.
  • The ability to model and demonstrate self-care and therapeutic boundaries.
  • Being flexible and creative in our role.
  • Integrity in all our practices.
  • A great appreciation for the dignity and worth of humanity and all persons we encounter.


To build a community that encourages personal inquiry and growth, professional responsibility and self-care support for educators. Through mentoring, consultation, and educational training, we help the helpes intentionally enhance their capacity for growth. We believe that YOU can be successful and live the purpose-driven life you desire and deserve. The skillful use of strategic, timely and practical interventions gained from the collaborative efforts of cafe members will ensure personal and professional development. The cafe strives to sustain an atmosphere of security, warmth and inspiration.

We Honor

  • The unique strengths and challenges of
    educators while thriving to enhance knowledge,
    skills, techniques and relationships.
  • The mission of Dr. Gwen’s Cafe to educate and empower.

Region IV Headstart Association - Classroom Management, Sensory Triggers, & Coping Strategies

“Make this training a four or five-hour training!! This is a must training for everyone!!”

Self-Care Training

Tallatoona CAP, Inc Self-Care Training

“I believe the training was effective. The self-care assessment was reflective. It allowed me to see the areas where I’m lacking in self-care.”


The goal of Dr. Gwen’s Counselor Cafe is to create a community where practice is intentional, proactive, preventative, and developmental in nature. We aspire to make the cafe a safe and positive place where helpers gain skills and knowledge needed to be effective, efficient and sustainable.

We offer

  • A place where your voice will be heard.
  • A compassionate and confidential atmosphere to discuss personal and professional concerns.
  • Support for educators who are overwhelmed and at-risk of burnout.
  • Education, information and resources that foster personal and professional elevation.


Self-Care Leader & Advocate

Educators and entrepreneurs confront a multitude of challenges daily. These challenges often require the transfer of knowledge and the application of skills. Through consultation, teaching, and leadership, Dr. Gwen’s Counselor Cafe can help you reduce the overwhelm, overcome barriers and improve your overall health and well-being.

Mental Health Consultant

Through the utilization of informational interactive training, motivational speaking engagements, products, and books, Dr. Gwen’s Counselor Cafe can remove the overwhelmed with effective, practical, research-based self-care solutions. We empower educators and entrepreneurs to transform their personal and professional lives. It is much easier to be successful if you have the support, knowledge, and tools you need.

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