Let me show you how you can avoid burnout, ask for help and create a meet the counselor toolbox with some of my favorite FREE content you can grab below!

Self-Care Saturday

5 Practices To Avoid Burnout

Self-Care for counselors and educators is essential to sustainability.  It’s an absolute MUST.  The work is challenging, sometimes frustrating, often emotional, and if we don’t establish some consistent routines, the potential for burnout is huge.  Here are 5 practices to avoid burnout and embrace the job you love.

Meet The Counselor Toolbox

Have you ever asked elementary students to define your role in the school and the only response they can think of is you help with feelings?  Although this is true, there is so much more that we do.  This toolbox contains visual items that will help students remember the role of the school counselor.

5 Dos When Asking For Help

As school counselors we can’t be all knowing and doing (although we feel like that’s the expectation at times).  Seek help, consultation, support and ideas from colleagues, supervisors, mentors and others in your school community. No one counselor can handle the needs of all students, but teachers, principals, nurses, and others in your school can help.  We must model for our students and colleagues that asking for help is okay.  It is not a sign of weakness or inadequacy.  It takes a lot of insight and strength to know what you need and courage to ask for it.

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