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Dr. Gwen’s Facebook Support Group

As educators, self-care is one of the first things to fall off in times of stress.  We often put the well-being of others above ourselves.  Let’s start paying more attention to our own well-being and support each other to better health.  Join Dr. Gwen’s Saving Ourselves Self-Care Support Group today.  Dr. Gwen loves challenges and sharing helpful self-care tips, tools and strategies.  Oh, and she loves to cook so you’ll find healthy recipes.  You can share some of yours too!

Anyone who wants to make self-care a priority can join the Saving Ourselves Support Group.

Social Media Platforms

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Painting during Self-Care Saturday

Self-Care Saturday

Attend a Self-Care Saturday live or virtual session.  This is a day of restoration and revitalization.  Activities are designed to be informative, fun, engaging and stress relieving.

Let’s Grow Together!

“Success is not just what you accomplish in your life, it is about what you inspire others to do”.

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