“My Brain Break” Kit (Toddlers)


Dr. Gwen’s “My Brain Break Kit” for Toddlers contains 12 tools and strategies including a puppet to improve communication, a manga doddle to show them how to erase their problems, a kaleidoscope that fosters creativity, a bookmark to encourage reading, a wooden puzzle, and much more. These tools help children proactively incorporate activities, healthy practices, and specific routines into their daily lives to reduce stress, improve concentration, and increase problem-solving while having fun.

Watch this short 6-minute video that explains a similar kit for adolescents.  https://www.loom.com/share/fa3f9e3656414f6d95af9b1e82dc59a9



Dr. Gwen's "My Brain Break" Kit for Toddlers (Ages 3 -7)

A brain break is a simple mental or physical activity to re-energize and re-engage the brain. This toolkit is a great way to help children take a break, breathe, and relax throughout the day as needed. These tools are beneficial for children with sensory needs or trouble with focus and attention.  The kit is a game-changer. It provides various tools and strategies that help soothe the mind, settle fidgeting, minimizes disruptive behavior, and improve concentration. As a bonus, it all comes in a washable, take-along bag. 

If you are looking for ways to provide a little downtime or a reprieve from learning, simply utilize the kit for toddlers. The kit is also great for :

  • calm down corners
  • social skills training
  • graduation presents
  • parent meetings
  • door prizes
  • task completion incentives
  • travel
  • appointments
  • grocery store trips

*Please be advised that color, size, and specific items may vary.  For example, you will receive a puppet in the kit but the actual animal, size, and color may vary.

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