Teen A to Z Self-Care Poster


Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Guide for Teens is a vibrant 11.5 X 17 glossy poster.  It contains 26 self-care ideas to include:  A- ask for help,  N- No excuses, Z- Zip Zappy.  These ideas help to renew and re-energize your mind, body and spirit.

The list provides practical, inspirational, easily incorporated ways to take better care of yourself each day. 



Dr. Gwen's A to Z Self-Care Guide for Teens

The A to Z guide is a quick visual reference for Dr. Gwen's A to Z Self-Care Guide for Teens Book. It hits all self-care domains (physical, psychological, emotional, spiritual and professional). 

Self-Care is all about engaging in deliberate activities and practices on a regular basis to reduce stress and respond better to difficult situations. It is all about taking care of YOU."  

These self-care ideas will assist you on your quest to live your best life.  It is not a one-size-fits-all approach but it will definitely point you in the right direction. Apply the ideas that speak to you and your needs. 

Make a commitment to make self-care a priority and find things big or small that you can do daily to make you feel happy, connected and supported.

Click on the video link below to learn about the Brain Break Kit.

Brain Break Kit



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