Make Self-Care A Priority Journal


Make Yourself A Priority Journal is your time to reflect, release, recharge, and renew.  Journaling will open the door to endless growth opportunities. Each day of writing begins with an expression of gratitude for things big and small that you have, are thankful for, and do not take for granted.

It is followed by:

  • Self-care strategies and tools, you applied during the day to keep you balanced physically, psychologically, emotionally, spiritually, and professionally.
  • Affirming your progress through three positive I am statements. These positive affirmations statements will help you confront and control negative, self-sabotaging thoughts and make positive changes.
  • Writing goals and self-care strategies for the next day to keep you accountable and on track to better health and wellness.
  • Evaluating how well you accomplished the daily goal you set for yourself.


We are all work in progress on this journey to better health and wellness.

  • It is okay if you miss a day or two of writing in your journal.
  • Do not agonize, pick back up where you left off and keep going.
  • It may be helpful to set aside a designated time (10-15 minutes) to write in your journal daily. I find that right before bed works best for me.
  • Always remember to do what works best for you.
  • Write about whatever comes to the surface mentally or emotionally.



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Make Self-Care a Priority! Right NOW, because self-care is more important than ever. Do not feel guilty if you need to take some time for yourself. Take a long hot bath or adhere to boundaries you have set for family, friends, and colleagues.

This journal is designed to help you develop self-empathy and self-compassion. The capacity to notice, value, and respond to your own needs as generously as you attend to the needs of others is necessary. Therefore, I have incorporated I am statements.

Throughout this journal, I shared some of my favorite self-care quotes to jump-start positive thinking and highlight the importance of taking necessary YOU time. Remember, your needs matter too! Today is the beginning of your journey to better health and wellness. Start taking time to do things that make you happy and make you feel fulfilled, loved, and appreciated. Every day is a new growth opportunity. I cannot wait to hear how far you go and how much you grow.

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