Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Guide to New Beginnings


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New beginnings can be a scary, uncertain time in your life. Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Guide to New Beginnings is a blend of inspiration, motivation, tips, tools, and strategies to live life more purposefully and productively.

This book provides fundamental self-care strategies to help YOU successfully navigate the challenges, fears, and self-doubt associated with starting over. Prepare to:

  • improve communication and build stronger relationships.
  • minimize self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.
  • boost your physical, emotional, and mental health.
  • reduce frustration and anger.
  • engage in more activities that make you feel happy, connected, and supported.

By the end of Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Guide to New Beginnings, you will be one step closer to living the life you dream of, desire, and deserve.


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This A to Z Guide to New Beginnings and the accompanying journal (Free Your Mind: Rise, Reflect, Reform)is dedicated to ALL who are committed to making SELF-CARE a priority and living more purposefully and productively.

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