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BLOOM is an anthology of 20 stories by highly successful women to nurture your growth and water your soul. My chapter is titled “Granny’s Lessons From The Garden”.


BLOOM is a book to nurture your growth and water your soul. I'm super excited about the opportunity to collaborate with visionary, Shelia Reynolds and 19 other amazing women in the anthology BLOOM. This book is a celebration of highly successful women who show us how to not only live, but BLOOM. My chapter is titled "Granny's Lessons From The Garden". It will inspire you to practice SELF-CARE, and seek nourishment in your marriage when you encounter obstacles.

Each book comes signed with a personal message, a pen/stylus and a bookmark.

4 reviews for BLOOM

    Ashley M.
    November 30, 2020
    This book is AWESOME!! It'll have you wanting to cry, saying woow, relating to some of the stories, and just thankful!! If you haven't ordered your copy yet, please do you won't regret it🥰
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    Ashley, I'm glad you enjoyed it. These stories will definitely have you in your feelings as each woman reveals her BLOOM story.
    November 30, 2020
    Oh what a blessing. I would say that I received my book right on time. Bloom is very inspirational ; it reminded me of who I am and whom I represent. Every story has a positive meaning and should impact your life in one way or another. Dr. Gwen's Counselor Cafe I am extremely proud of you. I truly enjoyed reading Granny's Lessons From The Garden. One particular passage that you wrote keep me from becoming unglued. "If we keep our marriage fertilized and moist with daily gestures of affection, attention, expressions of gratitude, and open communication, we will be able to overcome any obstacles our marriage encounters." Ladies get your signed copy at
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    Valerie, Thanks for your support, kind words, and sharing your reflections.
    Jessica H.
    November 30, 2020
    I received my book last week and read it in about three days. It was so inspiring to see how different circumstances can inspire women to gain the inner strength or even remind themselves that the still have the inner strength to grow beyond their disappointments, regrets, and/or shortcomings. Though there was not just one person that I could say "this sounds like me" I could relate to bits and pieces of several women to be inspired. It is definitely a must read. I pray that any one strives to bloom read this and is just as blessed as I was. I am very proud of Gwen.
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    Jessica I'm glad you were inspired. Thanks for sharing your reflections.
    A. H.
    November 30, 2020
    I received my book today and I’m so excited! I’m so proud of my friend Dr. Gwen! She is one of the co-authors of this amazing project! I’m ready to grow and water my soul!🙌🏾
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    Thanks for the support. This book truly is inspirational. Each story is one of resilience. Every woman is sure to find a story or two that will resonates with them. As always I love the pic. You know I'm going to steal it.❤️
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