Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Bundle


Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Bundle is a MUST have for beginning and seasoned educators (administrators, teachers, counselors, aides, etc.) and other professions (social workers, healthcare workers) who seek guidance on making self-care a priority in their daily lives.

The book is a suggested read for

  • participants in education and counseling degree programs.
  • new staff orientations.
  • staff development training to highlight the importance of self-care.

The journal provides time to reflect, release, recharge, and renew on your journey to better health and becoming the best version of authentic YOU.

  • Throughout the journal, I share some of my favorite self-care quotes to jump-start positive thinking and highlight the importance of prioritizing the value of YOU as a person.
  • Every day is a new growth opportunity and a chance to live life more abundantly.
  • Remember, your needs matter too!

The poster is a vibrant 11.5 X 17 gloss visual, daily, reminder to take care of YOU.  It contains 26 ideas to include:  A- asking for help, L- learning a new skill or hobby, and N- “No!” Say it, mean it, and don’t feel guilty about it, and much more.  These ideas help to renew and re-energize your mind, body, and spirit personally and professionally.

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Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Bundle includes SIGNED COPIES of the A to Z Self-Care Guide Book, Poster & Make Yourself A Priority Journal.  This blend of inspiration, motivation, education, and simple, practical self-care solutions are sure to help you on your self-care journey.

Engage in self-care activities and practices on a regular basis to reduce stress and improve your overall health.

Counselors, educators, and helping professionals are good at taking care of others.  As a result, we often neglect our own needs – until it is too late and we are overwhelmed, exhausted, sick, or burnt out.

Small changes and active engagement in basic self-care routines have significant health benefits. Little changes can help you reduce stress and anxiety and improve your mental health. Small changes will help prevent illness, achieve optimal results, and make your dreams a reality.

Get your copy of Dr. Gwen’s A to Z Self-Care Bundle TODAY! The bundle is ONLY Available at Dr. Gwen’s Counselor Cafe.

However, both books are available for purchase on Amazon by clicking these links Self-Care Guide and Make Yourself A Priority Journal.

Learn more about Dr. Gwen at https://drgwenscounselorcafe.com



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