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This journal is dedicated to ALL committed to making SELF-CARE a priority! It is designed to help you develop self-awareness and self-compassion. Dr. Gwen shared some of her favorite self-care quotes throughout this journal to encourage creative and critical thinking. Each day is a new beginning and a growth opportunity.

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The FREE Your Mind Self-Care Journal helps YOU make every day count by living more purposefully and productively.

Each day starts with a mood tracker to identify your emotional state and recognize patterns and triggers.

It is followed by:

  • expressions of gratitude to help you deal with adversity and build stronger relationships.
  • self-care strategies to keep you grounded and minimize frustration and anger.
  • self-care quotes to keep you motivated and inspired.
  • a daily writing prompt to help you stay focused and share your private thoughts, feelings, and desires.
  • daily reflections where you can concretely reflect on events of the day through pictures, symbols, word art, graffiti, etc.

By completing this journal and investing in YOU daily, you will be able to reduce stress, foster hope, and resilience, and boost your ability to cope with self-defeating thoughts and behaviors.


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This journal is dedicated to ALL who are committed to making SELF-CARE a priority!

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